Keep in touch easily with
students, parents and alumni

New gen customer communications solution for providers
of children's activities - schools, preschools, after-school
programs and enrichment classes
We help small businesses grow by engaging better with
customers and building long term relationships
Your own private online customer community to facilitate
teacher-to-parent and parent-to-parent interaction
It's simple, fast and free to get started
Benefits for Organizations


Stay in touch with students and alumni easily and effectively, using a common communications platform shared by admins, teachers, and parents
Benefit: 2-3 times higher open rates


Keep parents updated via timely messages and continue nurturing relationships via personal communications, event reminders and automated birthday greetings
Benefit: 3-4 times higher response rates


Build a stronger community and a referenceable customer base, with a two-way communications channel for parents and your organization
Benefit: Higher retention and enrollment
Benefits for Parents


Access all communications for
your child’s activities in one place
– no more missed dates, lost
messages, or misplaced handouts


Easily connect with teachers and
other parents in your community,
without the hassle of looking up
contact information


Your contact information is never
disclosed and even your profile
is visible only to members within
your own community
Feature Highlights
Hassle-free Data Setup with Class Lists
Synched up from Backend System
Send Professionally Branded Group and
Private Messages in Minutes
Create Calendar of Events with
Automated Reminder Notifications
Send Personal Birthday Greetings
Automatically to all Students
Allow Customers to Engage in Two-way
Communications within Private Community
Track Activities, Monitor Communications,
Generate Custom Reports
Access from any Device -
Phones, Tablets, Computers
Thousands of active Shrooble community members
Lizz Hodgin, Director
Scotts Valley, CA
Using Shrooble as a communication center has made it super easy to be “high touch” with students and alumni. My teachers love such easy access to communicate with students, while families find it extremely useful in interacting with their teacher and others in class. This has helped increase class enrollments and had a very positive impact on my business. Just love it!
Cathe Huynh-Sison, Consultant
San Jose, CA
After searching extensively and trying various solutions, we discovered Shrooble and it’s turned out to be an extremely effective communications tool for our school community. We love having the option to send multiple reminder notifications. Within just a few months of using Shrooble, there is an increase in parent attendance and participation at school events.
Mark Gong, Owner
Campbell, CA
We switched from Constant Contact to Shrooble, as we found it easier to use and more effective in connecting with our customers. Now Shrooble is our unified system for both marketing and customer engagement. We have been able to build a strong personal connection with our student community, while saving a ton of administrative overhead. Thanks a lot Shrooble!
Laurie Mathews, Executive Director
Milpitas, CA
We use Shrooble to manage all parent communications in our preschool. I love the professionally branded emails and calendar feature that lets us send automated reminders about upcoming field trips and special events. I can just set them up in one shot within minutes and let Shrooble take care of the rest. Easy to use, saves me lots of time, keeps parents updated in a timely manner.
Tammy Johnson, Registrar
Scotts Valley, CA
Shrooble has truly transformed how we run our business and I highly recommend it for any organization where customer communication is key. It has provided a private community for our 700+ parents and teachers to communicate without a middle-man. It has also been instrumental in helping us transition to a “green business”. Our customers and teachers are loving it!
Katie Warren, Owner
Campbell, CA
Shrooble has been a great communication tool for our dance studio. It allows parents to connect and share information amongst themselves. It has also created better lines of communication between teachers and their classes. Teachers can now post valuable tips and share practice music or videos directly with their classes. It is a lot more efficient and saves me time!
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